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C.P.R. for More Balance and Inner Peace" Teleclass Recording Available

We had a great Teleclass last night! Thank you for everyone who attended. For those of you who registered but didn't make it to our live call last night, you should've received a follow-up email today with a link to listen to the recording. For those of you who didn't register, but would like to listen to the recording, here is the link:


This recording will be available on that site for this week only, so make sure you check it out this week. I will try to obtain the MP3 and put it on my website. When I do, I will post the link here on my blog. So check back often!

My next Teleclass will be "Learning to say NO so you can say YES to your life". So, stay tuned for more information.

If you would like to receive the Mini Energy Breaks Idea List and "12 Stress Busters" that I offered during the Teleclass, please send me an email at Hueina@BeyondHorizonCoaching.com and I will send it to you.

Also, some of the principles and exercises I used in the Teleclass are included in my FREE Intensive Self-Care Kit, and you can download it at my website. Be sure to check out the Free Gifts section for other goodies.
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What Defines You?

One of the goals I set for myself this year was to stay fit and healthy. OK, I set this goal every single year (who doesn't?!), but since I just turned 40 this year, it has special meaning for me. Ironically, I've had several health issues this year. Nothing major, but enough to consume considerable amount of my energy, time and of course, money. For example, I spent MANY hours this summer in physical therapy and chiropractic care because of 4 (mild) disc herniations in both my neck and lower back. Talk about pain in the neck (literally)! OUCH!

My PT treatments also include neck and lumbar tractions. Ironically, the 20 minutes I had to spend on the traction table (2-3 times a week) was about the only solitary time I had for the whole summer (besides those two short weeks when my kids were at summer camp). If you know me, you would know my kids and I are very close and I do enjoy being with them. However, you would also know how important it is for me to have regular solitary time, to be with my own thoughts, and how difficult it was for me to not being able to be ALONE, on top of being in physical pain!

At the beginning, I tried to "make the most of my time" on the traction table by listening to audio books & teleclass recordings on my iPod. I even told my coach about it and he was very proud of me. However, once I realized that this was the precious little "alone time" I had, it was clear that I would rather use this time to meditate, think about "life stuff", or JUST BE.

So here is part of my "meditation from the traction table".

I was annoyed and frustrated by the pain & discomfort. I've tried almost all the PT treatments they offer, plus chiropractic adjustments and trigger point injections, etc. I would get some relief but the symptoms would return, sometimes in just a few hours. Once the MRI confirmed the disc herniations, I understood why my body was acting that way, but I also realized that I might have to live with these symptoms for a long time.

Now, I have two choices: I can let this medical condition define me and confine me, or I can CHOOSE to deal with it the best I can and still pursue my dreams and goals IN SPITE OF IT.

When I found out that I was born with only one kidney, it didn't stop me. When I was diagnosed with hypertension at age 37, it didn't stop me, either. I simply refuse to be labeled and defined by my medical conditions, and let them dictate how I live my life. I know I wouldn't have gotten my Black Belt and experienced many other things if I had let these things hold me back. So, you see, it was a no-brainer for me this time.

Once I made that choice, I no longer felt like a victim. I am in control again.

Yes, my neck still hurts every single day, but I can deal with it.

How about you? What defines you? Is it your finance, body weight, education, ethnicity, your job, your spouse, or your kids? Do you let your circumstances hold you back, or use them as excuses so you can remain a victim and not take 100% responsibility for your life?
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The White Space

The other day, I was reading a special report on "Summer Ease" in U. S. News & World Report (July 10, 2006), and it's quite interesting. According to a "Vacation Deprivation" survey by Harris Interactive for Expedia.com, Americans receive fewer paid vacation days than Europeans (an average of 8.9 days after one year of employment vs. a minimum of 20-25 days in European Union). Not only that, Americans typically leave 4 days of vacation unused -- up from 3 days in last year's survey. (I speculate that this number would be WAY higher if you survey the workers in Asia, but, let's focus on Americans for now) What is this "trend" suggesting? Are Americans joining the Asians in "forgetting how to take time off"???

Even if they do take the vacation, a lot of people aren't "un-plugged" from work. They are still "chained" to their cell phones, PDAs, laptop computers, etc. I once went on a field trip with my daughter's school to NYC, and the mom sitting next to me on the bus kept checking her cell phone & Blackberry. She said she is an assistant in a big company and "they" never leave her alone. I wondered what could be so important & urgent that "they" had to email and call her every two minutes -- on her day off? On the other hand, there are people who wouldn't "unplug" even though they could. They could be surrounded by breath-taking scenery and their loved ones, but they are not totally "there".

And then, there are people who approach vacation with a "competitive spirit".... they are trying SO HARD to CRAM as much FUN as possible, and make every minute COUNT that they exhaust (instead of rest & relax & recharge) themselves at the end of vacation. The owners of SlowTravel.com called it "Zoom Travel", as in "If it's Tuesday, this must be Belgium", or something like that. You hear that expression all the time: "I need a vacation to recover from this vacation". Sometimes you are physically tired from the travel but emotionally exhilirated, and that's a good feeling. But, I'm talking about the kind of people who are both physically AND emotionally drained at the end of their vacation -- kind of defeat the purpose of going on vacation in the first place, don't you think?

Well, it's August and we're a month away until school begins (at least in Northern Jersey anyway, I know in some states school has probably begun). By this time, your kids are probably done with summer camp. And if they are like most American kids, they'd probably complained to you (more than once) that they are B O R E D !!!!!

The truth is, nowadays a lot of kids (and may I say grown-ups too) are over-stimulated and over-scheduled. They are so used to organized, NON-STOP activities all day long. They fill whatever free time with TV and video games. There's little or no "free time" any more. No time to day dream or engage in creative play, or read a book, or simply sit & watch the clouds, or sunset, or listen to the birds in the backyard..... When they DO have some free time on their hands, they are at a total loss and don't know what to do with themselves.

Think about it, we are "training" them to grow up to become adults who do not know how to unwind and arrange their personal downtime. No wonder we are more and more stressed out with each new generation!!

In traditional Chinese paintbrush paintings, there's always much "white space" (the area on the rice paper canvas that is blank, with nothing painted on). In many cases, the "white space" is larger than the area where the artists actually painted something. The "white space" is considered extremely important, as it balances the entire painting and often conveys a sense of calm & serenity.

I think our life is just like a Chinese painting. In order to have balance and inner peace, you need sufficient "white space". Look at your own life now, how much "white space" do you have? Is your "life painting" overly cluttered and there's no breathing room left? Suppose you are looking at your own "life painting" as a third party, what emotions surface?
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